“It’s not a luxury if you can’t do without it!” -EJH


GustavoLuxe is a boutique Interior Design firm specializing in High-end & Luxury Interior Design & Decor.

Our goal is to create meaningful and unique spaces that not only reflect the personality of its owner, but where function and beauty coexist. One-of-a-kind results designed to be genuinely inviting while exuding a sense of luxury, quality and comfort.

Our commitment is to deliver luxuriously designed interiors and a high level of service without the pretentious stereotypes, unnecessary purchases and overinflated cost.

Our Services Include:

    • Design Consultation
    • Design Sessions
    • Full Service Interior Design
    • Conceptual Design
    • Interior Decorating
    • Finishes & Fixture Selection
    • Home Staging & Event Planning
    • Furniture Layout & Arrangement
    • Curb Appeal and Exterior Decor
    • Lighting Design
    • Art Consulting
    • Computer Drawings & Plans
    • Project Management
    • Permit & Construction Management